(1) How to access our reductions ?

Which card are accepted ?

Camping de Durnal accepts the following cards: ACSI (ACSI Club ID), ADAC, DCC and CamperCard . Those give you access to our reduction.

In which season ?

Our reductions depend on the time of the year. There are 3 seasons:

Which reductions ?

We offer the following regular reductions;

In addition, we also propose specific reductions requiring to show a printed coupon. Those coupon have to be downloaded from our website at reservation time. Coupons produced during the stay will not be accepted. Last minute discounts are also available and posted on the website and in the price list page.

The different reduction types cannot be combined.

When do I get my reduction ?

The reduction will not appear in the amount details of our reservation system as we cannot check if you have the required cards giving access to it. The reduction will be applied on the balance at the end of your stay.

(2) What are the rules about our residential caravans to rent ?

No monthly rental during July and August.

No extra charge for children under 3.

Domestic animals (dog/cat) are accepted with an extra charge of 2 € per animal and per night

Payment: the due amount must be paid on arrival for the whole reservation period. An advance fee of 50% of the due amount is necessary to guarantee the reservation.

Deposit: 200 € also due on arrival

Deposit are given back on the day of departure after inventory and full verification of the state of the caravan by one of the Company responsible. An amount of 25 € will automatically be deduced from the deposit if the caravan is not returned in the same state of cleanness as on arrival - even after a single night.

Check-in and check-out:

3) Payment

A deposit of 50% of the total stay is normally required at booking time to secure your booking.
This deposit is however not claimed, however, for small amounts (short stay).

Payment can be made:

Payment instructions are provided at reservation time and are also sent the specified contact email address.

(4) Cancellation policy

The deposit is refundable in case of cancellation